What If ... ?: Your Beliefs Shape Your Life

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How to develop rock solid self confidence fast course. How beliefs affect behavior By M. Farouk Radwan , MSc. Beliefs and the Belief System. Do beliefs affect behavior? How beliefs affect behavior? Beliefs Affect behavior in the following ways: Limiting beliefs limits people's potential: Limiting beliefs affects behavior by preventing people from taking certain actions that they would have otherwise took if the belief was not there.

An intelligent child might never study and so fails the exams if he believes that he is not intelligent. Beliefs and information filtering: Just as a i said before we filter information based on our beliefs and only absorb the information that matches our belief system. This impacts our behavior by making us biased towards what we believe in no matter how many proofs are provided. That's why persuading someone to believe into something against his beliefs is hard Beliefs shape reality: If a guy thinks that he will never find a job a belief then he will not become motivated to prepare himself for the job market change in behavior and later on when he tries to find a job he will fail so his belief will become true.

That's how beliefs can shape reality Beliefs and self confidence: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence is no more than a set beliefs that you have about yourself. And your perception is your reality.

You don't need quantum physics to understand the power of belief.

It is only when we become aware of our beliefs that we are able to change them. In Absolute Truth, it is through the lens of belief we create and experience our reality to be. Affected by this belief, your perception will create and affect your life because that belief literally changes your perception of the world.

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And as your perception of reality changes, the way you behave in that reality changes as well. Because this person believes they have severe anxiety, they will see, hear, feel, taste and smell the things that substantiate that belief. The belief changes their perception of the world so that they see a world full of worries and stresses. Maybe they have social anxiety, in which case they will perceive other people as a source of their anxiety.

Or they have financial anxiety, and every time they think about buying something they feel anxiety because their belief demands them to see the world that way. Simply put: Your beliefs affect your life by making you create and perceive your reality and the world in a way that makes that belief appear as true — as an absolute. The affect beliefs have on our perception begins the moment we are born [ 1 ]. Actually, there are many ways beliefs are created. Our family, environment, life events, and even our imagination can create beliefs. And these beliefs affect our lives each and every day.

Information from the outside world comes to us from our senses. But before we become consciously aware of that information, it goes through a filtering process. That filtering process is largely based on our beliefs. One of the best examples of this process is placebos. Countless scientific studies have shown how a person can overcome illness by being given a placebo, even though there is no scientific reason why the placebo would work. They work because we believe they work. And startling as it may sound, it truly is as simple as that.

When we are given a placebo we believe we are going to be made better.

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life

This belief changes our perception of the world and of ourselves , which actually causes us to truly get better. Now imagine how that same principle affects other areas of life. This person will perceive the world as a source of failure. They will continually look for ways in which they have failed. And because of this they will continue to fail.

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But what if they were given some cure for failure, a placebo, something to make them believe that they are no longer a failure, something that changes their perception of reality into one more conducive of success. In this case, our hypothetical individual would believe that they were no longer a failure. They would start to believe they are a success. And that belief would change their perception of the world, making them see the world as a source of success. Kill Your Conclusions. Whatever you think you believe to be certain is probably a lot more flexible than you imagined.

What you think to be true is certainly much more negotiable. Question all the beliefs you have about what you think is true, and kill any false conclusions. Test Your Assumptions. You need to do something to break your limiting beliefs. Some type of action must be taken to put your conclusions to the test. Questioning is the first step. Since its inception in the s, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis has sparked a lot of controversies and bred research in a number of disciplines including philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and education.

Edwin Sapir and Benjamin Whorf brought attention to the relationship between beliefs, language, and culture. None of them formally wrote this hypothesis nor supported it with tangible evidence, but through an in-depth research of their writings, researchers have found two main ideas:.


Both Sapir and Whorf agreed that it is our culture that determines our language, which in turn determines our beliefs about the world and our experiences in it. For a long time, researchers have tried to refute this hypothesis. They said that language is a part of belief. However, under certain conditions, they found that beliefs and language were not dependent on each other. Many of the values we uphold in our lives were created by others and are either false or self-limiting.

If you want to live an unrestricted and rewarding life, you need to identify these negative and self-limiting beliefs and discard them. Your beliefs and values system must change with time; they must also change as your goals change. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. We use cookies for data analysis purposes and to provide you the best possible experience at SmartMinds.

What are Beliefs? Examples of Rational Beliefs. It gets cold in winter and warm in summer.

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There is no real proof to validate this assumption, but our life experience has taught us to believe in it. If you treat people well, you will reap the rewards later on in your life. Examples of Irrational Beliefs. All my friends are better than me.