The Temptation of Father Lorenzo: Ten Stories of 1970s Tuscany

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The Temptation of Father Lorenzo: Ten Stories of s Tuscany A decade after Dino's Story, the beloved characters of the first three novels return in this engrossing collection, all set in Florence and the beautiful hills of Tuscany. Father Lorenzo, still exhausted from the flood, is tempted by a beautiful woman. Tomasso seeks his long-lost son. Father Sangretto retaliates when a rival priest produces a "miracle. The women of Sant'Antonio join to help the stricken Annabella. Anna leaves the convent.

Dino makes up his mind between Sophia and Francesca. And more. Land of Arlenm An alien comes to Earth, to play a game with the human race which his people play once a year. Higher powers in his world have picked six college kids to be his game pieces before his arrival to Earth. He lures them to the Silent Night hotel, placing them up in the last room, number ten.

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In the middle of the night, their souls leave their body and are taken to the lobby where the game begins. They have to go through each room in the hotel; to better explain it these rooms are all different dimensions. They have to fight their way through each world in order to find portals that allow them to travel from world to world. The object of the game is to get back to room ten and be claimed as winners of this game. Lucky for you, you get to have a front row seat from the safety of your living room. As she continues balancing a personal and business life.

I hope you as the reader will always be encouraged to continue striving towards your goals in life no matter how dark the path ahead may seem at the moment. The reader is provided the opportunity to take the title of the poetry and imagine the words in motion. Kinky Briefs The fantasies of an overworked lawyer provide a wicked window into the legal world, where lawyers in love, dominant judges, and those who serve them, get their kink on!

When boredom overtakes a young lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm, she begins to spin kinky scenarios and outrageous tales about arrogant attorneys, bodacious colleagues, cranky judges, and sultry support staff. Her vivid imagination provides a titillating look into the legal world through a series of stories that may shock some and inspire others, but will almost always leave hearts beating just a little bit faster.

Kinky Briefs, Too When love and lust combine in the legal world, something kinky is bound to happen! Boredom begets fantasy in this kinky romp through the legal world, when a young lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm begins to spin steamy scenarios about lawyers in love, pushy Dominant judges, and those who serve them.

Through vivid characters and compelling stories, a wicked window into the legal world opens, forcing readers to abandon old stereotypes about lawyers and embrace a world filled with legal professionals who pursue love with passion, determination, and a touch of kink. In fact, this book might even convince you to apply to law school! Kinky Briefs, Thrice Take a kinky romp through lawyerland!

Paul Salsini

Lawyers get their kink on in this sizzling collection of short stories. Through the eyes of a lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm, a wicked window into the legal world opens as she spins her outrageous tales of lawyers in love, cranky judges, and those who serve them. From a randy AG who uses his cycle to woo a young law firm associate to a Sheikh and lawyer in a fight for their lives, or a kinky lawyer struggling to adapt to a diagnosis of a crippling, chronic illness to a rowdy fantasy about a new sheriff in town, each lawyer attacks life with humor and passion, always ready to embrace just a dash of kink.

Criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant is skilled at emasculating witnesses and hogtying juries, but she is unprepared to deal with a homeless teenager found living in her garage. The boy she has known since childhood wages an unwinnable battle to stay in her home, as Constant struggles to protect her family.

Ultimately, the threat to her safety and emotional well-being mounts, and Julianna pushes back, falling right into the arms of the new police chief, a man who always carries two sets of handcuffs and uses them for more than just restraining criminals! The Rep We have all felt it at one time or another, the anger towards a rude customer who aggressively demands the attention of a customer service representative, using foul language, name calling and threats to get what they want. Our understanding, compassion or fear of the consequences keeps us from pursuing a more aggressive method of satisfying the situation, while maintaining a false concern for their needs, despite their verbal assault.

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Tommy Thorpe, a collections agent in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin call center, finds his sanity slipping quickly with every abusive call. Combined with the pressures from his supervisor, and abrupt change in his financial status, he allows a darker side of himself to surface, committing the ultimate crime to release his stress and problems.

Soon, any information obtained from his customers, will be used for an entirely different purpose. Strong Would you believe that superhuman strength does in fact exist, and scientists classify this as a disease? What if you were a child born with an unprecedented form of this already rare muscle disease that gave you extraordinary strength, appearance and stamina? Growing up with Myostatin Deficiency was not an easy task for William Strong.

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He was bullied by other children, discriminated against and later hunted by the law for murder. While homeless and seeking refuge in the shadowy back alleys of Milwaukee, WI, he unintentionally becomes a local hero--striking fear in criminals by his violent displays of chivalry, fueled by a hatred for his past and the people in it. Although his disease gifts him with tremendous strength, his lack of compassion and forgiveness. Seuss, Anson Berberich brings you his first children's picture book.

It's a catchy comedy story that rhymes about a boy whose name is never mentioned. The boys goes on to make publicly known all the disgusting things he will eat before he eats that. This true story recounts an American doctor's tragic Thanksgiving in Managua, Nicaragua searching for his son Ben who was abducted by the U.

Mangold endured multiple muggings during his search and was eventually imprisoned in an Immigration detention center while the embassy flew in his ex-wife to pick up Ben. Michael Mangold M. It is the "Story of Job" without an overcompensating God, and "The Odyssey" without the love and support of an awaiting Penelope.

It is a true tale of good and evil and how the evil that people do has consequences for eternity. Mythomania: A Psychodrama How do we lead sane lives in an insane world? Interweaving psychology, medicine, politics, and law, Dr. Mangold takes us on a personal journey into a world that is "flying upside down. This true story recounts the struggles Dr. Mangold faced not only from an uncaring government but also from a wife whose own pathologies prevented her from performing the two tasks he needed so desperately during those struggles: love and support.

It is more than an account of persecution and victimization. It is a story of falling and discovering that the rescue rope had been severed by those entrusted to throw it in the first place. Desperately Seeking Cereal: A Travelogue Alone, broke, and abandoned by family and friends, this true story relates how Michael Mangold MD survived being homeless in Nicaragua by using his wits and at times doing the "unthinkable. If at all. Serial K It was the perfect spot for his first kill. The diabolical sociopath undertakes a journey to become the most famous serial killer of all-time.

Unbridled passion defines their relationship, both positive and negative. As the search continues, the body count rises and the lunatic shifts his target to the FBI. Fear grips the public. Many will die, but who survives? Brian Gallagher, author of award winning Vatican Protocol , delves into the mind of a serial killer with the release of Serial K.

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Closeness Without Control This book is written for you who once had, still have, or are hoping to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Whether you have been in the same long-term relationship that continues up to the present and are wanting to increase the closeness and decrease the control OR, you may be seriously considering ending your relationship because there is too much control and not enough closeness OR, your relationship has ended because there was a lack of closeness and an abundance of control and you do not knowingly wish to repeat yourself if or when you start looking for a new relationship This Book's For You!

On their journey Jesus takes her to places that she could only imagine being. She then gains full confidence that her bedtime friend, who is Jesus, is near; and she is not afraid. A Shooting Star Meets the Well of Death: Why and How Richard Halliburton Conquered the World This biography concerning the spectacular life of adventurer, author, and lecturer Richard Halliburton reflects 15 years of research, analysis and interviews.

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He swashbuckled through life leaving millions of ardent fans, critics and countless imitators.