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The bulk of the titles in Kindle Unlimited are from authors who are not contracted with a publisher. In order for a book to be in Kindle Unlimited, it cannot be listed for sale anywhere else. Pricing with a publisher is usually based off a scale and the authors have no say in the pricing on those titles. Self-published authors set their own prices and usually choose a fee they feel is fair based on the amount of time and money they put into their books. Editing alone can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on how long the book is.

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Some book covers can cost over one-thousand dollars. To give you an idea of what goes into a Harley Wylde title, it takes weeks for me to write one sometimes longer. Then the book goes through 2 round of content edits. It goes to at least if not two proofreaders, and then goes to line edits. Somewhere in the midst of all that is when a cover is created. Production time for one book can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

Some will receive much less.

My publisher, Changeling Press, does offer sales from time to time, so watch for those! In the case of Roosters, the commonality is that the heroes are alpha, arrogant men who think women or men fall at their feet. The books do not interconnect in any other way, so each can be read as a stand-alone.

Some, like my Ryker, will tie into a series the author has already written. While I know that most people would never post a gifted book illegally, there are those who do such a thing. I do have a few curvy heroines sprinkled in my series. Especially men who look older than early to mid-twenties.

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I plan to try that at my next signing. Swag is a small gift that can be almost anything. Pens and pencils are popular. Kitchen potholders, bottle openers, mugs, aprons, fans battery and hand operated , post its, jeweled bookmarks, necklaces, folded pages book art, chapter books, coloring books. The list goes on and on. The objective is to be eye catching a d memorable. The gift should relate to your brand and your books.

Free Books are always well received. I hand these out to anyone who passes my table and tell them the BookFunnel code will take them to the download page. BookFunnel allows you to create a unique one time use code so readers can download ebooks for free. This allows you to sell ebooks at book signing events. You can also use ebooks as a free bonus for people who buy the print edition. I fill up a small dish and try not to eat them all myself.

My favorite pen is essential. Things to Do After the Event.

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Review the Business Cards You Collected. When I get a business card, I usually write some directions on it so I know what I need to do. Sometimes I take a selfie with the person so I have a visual reminder as well.