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The Cabin in the Woods. The Cake and The Diamond. The Dragon Break. Surrender is the willful act of members of the Armed Forces turning themselves over to enemy forces when not required by utmost necessity or extremity.

Resisting My Submission (Book 7)

Surrender is always dishonorable and never allowed. When there is no chance for meaningful resistance, evasion is impossible, and further fighting would lead to their death with no significant loss to the enemy, members of Armed Forces should view themselves as "captured" against their will versus a circumstance that is seen as voluntarily "surrendering.

They must remember that the capture was dictated by the futility of the situation and overwhelming enemy strengths. In this case, capture is not dishonorable. The responsibility and authority of a commander never extend to the surrender of command, even if isolated, cut off, or surrounded, while the unit has a reasonable power to resist, break out, or evade to rejoin friendly forces. Here is what military personnel need to know, specifically, service members should:.

No additional flexibility. However, medical personnel and chaplains are subject to lawful capture. They may only resort to arms in self-defense or in defense of the wounded and sick in their charge when attacked in violation of the Geneva Convention. They must refrain from all aggressive action and may not use force to prevent their capture or that of their unit by the enemy. It is, on the other hand, perfectly legitimate for a medical unit to withdraw in the face of the enemy. Some people who suffer from chronic schizophrenia have adapted to their voices and pay them little heed.

This type of command hallucination is probably of minimal concern. At the other end of the continuum, command hallucinations can become acutely harassing, loud, and insistent. In such cases, the clinician should always ask to what degree the patient feels in control. Patients may sometimes feel unable to resist even soft yet persistent voices. These types of acutely dystonic command hallucinations generally indicate the need for acute hospitalization. In order to determine the dangerousness of the command hallucination, the clinician must take the time to explore the numerous pertinent variables.

TISA Follow-up: Hopefully, the above tips can help you to uncover command hallucinations and help determine their significance with regard to safety. The above discussion also highlights a bias I have that psychopathology and diagnostic interviewing tips should be taught hand in hand.

It is through our compassionate understanding of how symptoms present themselves — and how people experience the impact of their symptoms in an individualistic and personalized fashion e.