Magnificat du 6e ton

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Creator omnium. Laudate pueri. In exitu Israel. Laudate Dominum du 3 e ton. Pange lingua. Dixit Dominus. Ave maris Stella. Alleluia, 0 filii et filiae.

Magnificat / Prélude (Suite) du 6e Ton, Magnificat anima mea (orgue J. Boizard à...

Kyrie de la Messe des morts. Dies irae. Ave verum corpus. Ut queant laxis. Fauxbourdon is often seen as polyphony's poor relation, suitable only for congregational Mass settings or choirs with too little rehearsal time. Frequently lacking the authority of authorship, these chant harmonisations have struggled to gain status.

Quatriesme Kyrie: Duo. Dernier Kyrie: Dialogue.

Gloria: Et in Terra Pax. Benedicimus Te. Glorificamus Te: Trio en Dialogue. Domine Deus Rex Caelestis.

Magnificat Du 1Er Ton

Domine Deus Agnus. Qui Tollis: Trio. Quoniam Tu Solus. Amen: Dialogue.

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Second Sanctus: Recit de Tierce. Benedictus: Trio.

Manual Magnificat du 6e ton

Elevation: Cromorne ou tierce en taille. Agnus Dei. Second Agnus Dei: Duo. Deo Gratias: Petit Plein Jeu. Magnificat 2 Ton 1: Agnus Dei. Magnificat 2 Ton 2: Quoniam Tu Solus. Magnificat 2 Ton 3: Tu Solus Altissimus. Magnificat 2 Ton 4: Benedictus.

Magnificat 2 Ton 5: Elevation. Magnificat 2 Ton 6: Dernier Agnus.

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Magnificat 2 Ton 7: Deo Gratias. Magnificat 3 Ton 1: Premier Kyrie. Magnificat 3 Ton 2: Second Kyrie. Magnificat 3 Ton 3: Second Agnus. Magnificat 3 Ton 4: Quoniam Tu Solus. Magnificat 3 Ton 5: Tu Solus Altissimus. Magnificat 3 Ton 6: Amen. Magnificat 3 Ton 7: Deo Gratias.

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  7. Magnificat Du 1Er Ton!
  8. Magnificat 8 Ton 1: Premier Kyrie. Magnificat 8 Ton 2: Christe. Magnificat 8 Ton 3: Quatriesme Kyrie.