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The landing page for the car wash service website also uses the color as the main tool uniting visual details of the hero illustration, the copy content and the CTA button. This landing page for the modern art exhibition features the experimental integration of typography into the hero image this way setting the original visual composition. Another way to strengthen a hero image is by adding motion. Animation is an effective approach to add even more emotional and informational power to the visuals, enhance storytelling and set more associations.

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The article reviews the popular problems which can arise in teamwork of designers, developers and managers of a digital agency and offers tips how to avoid them. The collection of useful tips from famous and recognized authors for creating good user-friendly copy applying effective methods of writing efficient content. E-commerce presents the special creative field for UX designers: here's the collection of diverse web and mobile design concepts for customer-friendly interfaces. The article tells what is hero image, why it's important in web design and how to make it work for your goals.

Check the types of images and a big pack of web design examples. Greg Boyle With the growing attention to prominent visual details and diversity of graphics on modern websites, the approach of using a hero image seems to move from trends to well-established strategies. Landing page design for a photo service using a hero illustration What Is a Hero Image? This landing page for a babysitting service applies an animated hero image with funny characters Why Is Hero Image Important? Why is it hero? In common usage, the term heroine connotes a helpless wimp of the female persuasion with her eyes closed or rolled upward, the back of one hand pressed against her troubled brow, weathering some unjust onslaught with a simpy kind of courage.

She is very much the opposite of the classic hero; indeed she is typically waiting for her male hero to rescue her.

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In this book, we are going to look at all kinds of heroes- real heroes-and they are no more likely to be male than female. I intend to call a hero a hero, not a heroine, heroess, or heroette. Classic Heroes I realize that when I use the word hero it probably brings a certain image to your mind. Though I will ask you to go beyond that imagery in the book, it provides a useful jumping-off point for our examination.

The Old English epic poem Beowulf describes the epitome of the classical hero. According to the legend, a great monster, Grendel, nightly terrorized the great hall of the Danish king, Hrothgar, devouring as many as thirty men in a night. The kingdom was at the mercy of the monster, until the appearance of the young Beowulf. In recognition for his mighty contribution, Beowulf eventually succeeded to the kingship, where he reigned peacefully for fifty years.

As an aging king, however, Beowulf saw his people ravage by a fire-breathing dragon. Again, disaster waited in the wings, as the old man engaged a long and painful battle. His men deserted him, but Beowulf fought on. In the end, the dragon was slain and the kingdom saved, but the might Beowulf had been mortally wounded and died. Beowulf epitomizes the essential qualities of the classical hero: risking personal sacrifice on behalf of the common good.

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Yet Beowulf is scarcely alone in this regard. Achilles gave up his life on behalf of the Achaean attach on Troy. In the various legends of the quest for the Holy Grail, Perceval, Galahad, and Gawain provide models of sacrifice and loyalty. Robin Hood offers still another example of this classical version of heroism. Theories of Heroism Each of the heroes discussed above is a legendary character. While it is debatable whether they have any grounding in reality, it is generally agreed that the stories that have come down to us over time are at least partly fiction.

Such heroic tales occupy an important place in the history of literature. Prior to the appearance of legendary heroes, literature was focused on the godly domain: religious hymns and myths about the gods. Eventually, these were joined by the songs of wandering bards honoring human heroes. Finally, epic poems were written down, carrying from generation to generation the stories of mortal beings-capable of suffering and death-rising above the human condition to perform "heroic" feats. The epic heroes embodied the virtues of courage, sacrifice, altruism, and integrity.

Clearly, they were intended to teach humans about their own potential and to inspire them to realize it.

Thus, when Aristotle set about the task of educating Alexander the Great, he used the epic hero as his model. The young Alexander learned the he could be as heroic as Ajax or Achilles. In the process, Alexander was to become himself a model for later generations. Heroes served a similar function in other cultures, though their form varied.

Thus, Hindu heroes were typically great religious teachers. In Buddhism, they were most often ascetic renouncers of the material world. The original Christian heroes were martyrs.

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Viking heroes, by contrast, were more typically great warriors. Among the Onondaga tribe of the North American Indians, the legendary chief, Hiawatha, symbolized civilization and human progress. In each case, however, the function of epic heroes was educational. In , L. Farnell examined the manner in which the lessons embodied in the Greek heroes were perpetuated in the form of heroic cults. He found cults arising around many different types of heroes. In addition to the epic heroes, some were more priestly in quality, some were genealogical heroes, others were demons.

All together, Farnell identified seven types of Greek heroes who became immortalized through the formation of cults. In all cases, the heroes represented values that made life worth living. The heroes showed the possibility of rising above the limitations of mortal life.

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Modern Classics Though heroes appeared thousands of years ago, they are hardly limited to the past. Heroes abound in our own time. Many are clearly fictional. Not inappropriately, many of these childhood idols came to me courtesy of Hero comics. My son, Aaron, has grown up with many of these heroes, plus many I never knew as a child. I mean, Stowe, Vermont, where I grew up, was never saved by Godzilla or any of his kin. In Honolulu and presumably in Japan , this was the era of the Japanese superheroes.

Some, like Godzilla, might be classified as benign monsters; Kikaida and friends were gigantic super-robots. Captain Marvel was only a " Shazam! Still, we were kind of sure they were just made up.

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  6. Some of my childhood heroes lived on the border between imagination and reality.