Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry

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This revealed to her the impact of national culture in doing business. Beyond these initial hurdles, our speakers also highlighted the importance of being firm, from the very first encounter throughout the business relationship to gain the respect that would allow them and their companies to build successful business relationships.

Women-Led Businesses: Getting the Female Founders’ Perspective

Yet, this very firmness also implied that it was harder for them to joke - a tool frequently used by their male counterparts to help break the ice! Biased perceptions and stereotypical behaviors are deeply ingrained just about everywhere. Even the type of question asked by investors, which is significantly associated with the amount of funding acquired, is subject to gender bias Kanze et al.

This is the exact same reason why Laurence Stoll took the difficult decision to start her company without investors.


As she said, even if they are crucial, investors can be found along the way. Magda Oltean shared with the audience her belief that the road to your goal will be different from what you imagined as you change and adapt to the environment. Mistakes are common, so learn from them to improve.

The learning process never stops. The business challenges continue. And as a woman the biased perceptions and stereotyped behaviors work against you but you need to hold your ground. As Laurence Stoll highlighted, if you are the only woman amongst men, stakeholders will remember you. Entrepreneurs fight to gain attention from investors and potential partners. Nevertheless, being remembered is only the first step, as performance and networks matter most; yet, being different a woman enhances visibility and can become a competitive advantage.

Hospitality Insights - Becoming an #Entrepreneur in #Hospitality

Even if women are asked more negative-oriented and critical questions than men, you can anticipate these questions by preparing in greater depth…and shine all the brighter for it. Entrepreneurship is all about playing it smart when the odds are stacked against you male or female. As Laurence Stoll and Johanna Roussel voiced, they are not in the business of educating their audience.

If an external stakeholder will only do business with a man, let your male colleague run the meeting.


Worldwide Hospitality Awards

Play it smart and strategically manage the environment if it favors your business. What matters is the success of the company and not your ego. As one learns to grow with the challenges and cope with the hurdles of life, attitude is far more important than skills. If she, as Laurence Stoll recounted, had not been forced to organically grow her company slowly and learn the ropes along the way, she would have very likely burned the capital quite quickly.

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Reinvesting capital taught her key business lessons that she might not have learned otherwise. As she said, it is important to take something positive away from your experiences with gender inequality and use those lessons learned to improve your business. In order for this to happen, we need more women to lead businesses that generate value for society, inasmuch as we need more men who are able to embrace and promote change at their work environment. Kanze, D.

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Harvard Business Review. She conducts research on strategic and corporate entrepreneurship in the past years and will be teaching Innovations and New trends in the hospitality industry in the online MBA program of EHL.

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She regularly conducts field research studying the processes by which managers and employees innovate or adapt strategies, and how they affect change at the organizational level. She received her Ph. At the same time, even large, well-established companies require innovation from within to remain competitive. As part of the BBA in Global Hospitality Management degree, students can specialise in Hospitality Entrepreneurship, learning how to research, plan and pitch their own hospitality business concept. In addition, Les Roches regularly invites entrepreneurs as guest speakers on campus to share their experiences with students.

We often find that it is through out-of-class activities and real-world projects that students truly discover their entrepreneurial potential. For this reason, Les Roches encourages students to partake in competitions, hospitality summits and other immersive learning experiences. Guided by faculty, each year teams of Les Roches students work together to successfully present their best business ideas at international hospitality competitions. Students also have the opportunity to help companies solve real business problems: at the graduate level, MBA students carry out business consultancy projects as part of their degree, working with renowned hospitality companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Through these experiences, as students develop essential hard skills, such as financial forecasting and modelling, they also gain valuable soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, multicultural communication and creative problem solving — skills which are vital in any workplace. Empowering students and preparing them for the global marketplace begins with fostering a diverse and welcoming campus environment.

Entrepreneurship and leadership in hospitality | Emerald Insight

Our diverse faculty also bring experience and expertise from around the world. As a result, students develop skills in multicultural awareness and communication from day one — skills that are further enhanced through internships and semesters spent abroad. Other Les Roches women have also made their mark both in business and in supporting female leaders. In addition to running her own business, Dimple supports a network of women and men dedicated to gender equality as a Lean In Circles Regional Leader with a focus on women in start-ups.