Forty years among the Zulus ([c1891])

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Photograph of P. Dovedale newly married to Mr. Photograph of Aristotle's Poetics No. Photograph of Lions of the O. Hands Out. Keep it Long. Look Ahead Sir!!! Photograph of A Tragedy of ye Antient Tyme [1] [Wadham College row over the refusal of a concert during Eights Week, May: a line of angry dons and 4 undergraduates in front of College, all with humorous countenances.

Date: [May ] Shelfmark: G. Photograph of A Tragedy of ye Antient Tyme [2] [Wadham College row: undergraduates threatening to deface books with jam and pouring mint sauce over the sub-warden, plus the punishment promised for spies] [John Johnson ] by F. Photograph of A Tragedy of ye Antient Tyme [3] [Wadham College row; porter ringing bell in fear of his life; 3 undergraduates being 'sent down'] [John Johnson ] by F.

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Photograph of [Bicycles: 6 images of penny-farthing rider, ending in an accident;? Photograph of A Plump un-pleasing Person' - H. Pinafore [Robert Ewing of St. John's College, in maid's clothes, holding mortar board in left hand, dropping DCL admission ticket with right. Photograph of Zealous Curate [? Photograph of Gentle Curate [?

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Photograph of 'Where are you going to my pretty maid' ['Puss in Boots' addressing female cat in maid's clothing about to attend a lecture on the 'total extinction of man' …'Advanced women don't marry Photograph of [Edward Bouverie Pusey preaching in St. Photograph of Pleasing Episodes in Clerical Life [upsetting ink bottle on large volume above wardrobe onto surplice just before service] [John Johnson ] by M.

Afro-Americana Imprints, African American Citizenship and Identity | Readex

Photograph of A Benediction! Pinafore, Sir Joseph Porter's song ; orig. John's College on a children's high chair, dressed like a child, eating 'humble pie'; orig at. Shrimpton caricatures Volume 4 Date: c. Photograph of Oxford Sketches [canvas on easel, with pallets, etc. Hall's 'Oxford Sketches'] [John Johnson ] by? Photograph of Like Father like Son? Photograph of Ye Freshere [undergraduate walking with? Photograph of The Course of True Love etc. Photograph of A hint to all freshmen etc.

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Photograph of Dame Oxford's Dream of the Future ['nightmare' scene in billowing clouds, depicting seated woman in? Jacobean chair and wearing Jacobean clothes, surrounded by images of laden Oxford tram; undergraduate couple, the woman being an undergraduate herself;? Mary's spire; and devilish figures pronouncing vices and subjects studied] [John Johnson ] by? Photograph of The 'Union' of the Future. The ladies have the last words as of old. Aeneid , iv, 1. Photograph of [Miss Gilchrist; head and shoulders; face-on, hair tied back, oval pendant over lace collar.

Walsh, Oxford correspondent to The Rock : inspecting? A Fact!! Photograph of The 'Militaire' Style much affected by youthful Divines in our day [clergyman with monocle and 'handle-bar' moustache at lecturn] [John Johnson ] by M. Date: Dec.

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Photograph of Oxford Nincompoopiana [2 aesthetes seated in high back chairs opposite each other, drinking tea in room with flowered wallpaper, discussing the colour of fields, trees, the sky peacock blue and a nightingale, etc. George du Maurier's cartoon on aestheticism in Punch , 20 December , p. Photograph of Scientific Frontier - vide Suez Canal [Benjamin Disraeli as blacksmith, having forged swords and rifles into a square and William Ewart Gladstone with a pail of 'Midlothian' water. Photograph of Good day friend Benjamin!

Hard times these! Photograph of [John Percival, President of Trinity College, with sandwich board announcing 'schools'; orig. Logic Lane] next to University College. Photograph of Duty Before Decency [? Photograph of Agit Ipse Furentem in Somnis Ferus Examinator [dream of savage examiner] [JJ version entitled 'Plough'] [undergraduate in bed dreaming of iron plough being worked by winged, grotesque examiners; others in exams in background with a Viva Voce taking place. Note: a reference to a braying donkey outside his window while lecturing] [cf.

Photograph of Almost good enough for the 'Vic' [Henry Irving in dramatic pose with curtains behind]. Photograph of He explained how writing begins with pictures and objects…' see The Times , Feb. Frederick Julius, a parishoner of Clewer lighting the stake in the background, following House of Lords judgement on 22 March against him Carter , thus forcing him to resign. Photograph of Orpheus, when a youth, shews his taste for music to the great delight of his father King Oeagrus [flute-playing Orpheus about to be struck by mace-bearing King] [John Johnson ] by F. Photograph of Orpheus with some shades, is conveyed across ye Styx by Charon. Ye wyndes contrarie [Orpheus with banjo in small steamer negotiating stormy seas] [John Johnson ] by F.

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  5. Photograph of Orpheus seeking of Pluto admittance to Hades [banjo playing Orpheus with steamer moored in distance and? Photograph of [Alexander William Hall; M. Photograph of Old Clo' [Benjamin Disraeli as rag-and-bone man carrying 'rags of foreign policies, ministers' breeches and cow tails from Zululand' in sack over shoulder.

    Photograph of [William Ewart Gladstone on a bench with his adult son Herbert, a lecturer at Keble College, in children's clothes on his knee, Gladstone senior holding birdcage with birds labelled 'Leeds' and 'Midlothian'. Note: Gladstone was elected M. As lawfully he could only serve one constituency, his son, Herbert became M.

    Photograph of A Roman Triumph [chariots, horses, legionnaires, bulls, elephant, brass band, processing in multitudes around arena] [JJ album also has one of a larger size, as Madan noted as being in 'publisher's copy'] [John Johnson ] by F.

    Photograph of 'Under Grads'. Photograph of A Choice between two evils [2 opposing images: priest in very long and very short surplice] [John Johnson ] by M. Photograph of [Albert Sydney Chavasse, Fellow of University College and Senior Proctor, up a ladder, perforce returning to his room at night via the window as his front door had been 'screwed' tight by undergraduates;?

    Mary's Church; orig. Photograph of The Senior Proctor was obliged to return to his rooms by the window with the aid of a ladder. Photograph of Were determined to treat the matter with the utmost clemency and there-fore have decided to send the whole College down.

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    Photograph of The University S[ca]veng[e]rs. John's College, sweeping and mopping up of bad habits: rustication, fines, immorality, vice, billiards, tandems; orig. Photograph of Portrait of the Revd. Photograph of A Fact.