Entering the Recovery Zone: Taking Back Control of Your Life

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And he has done a whole series on Chernobyl, he talks about and shows what it looks like now. The half life of the uranium in Chernobyl is about The uranium in Chernobyl is U Is it safe to go? I'd love to visit, I'm fascinated. Are there mutant animals? There is a documentary called "babies of Chernobyl" which is an orphanage of many abandoned Chernobyl children and infants. It is still running to this day, many missing limbs or thyroid cancers, etc. Very mutilated. Why women had children after exposure and while living in that area is beyond comprehension.

Whether it's 10, years, billions, doesn't matter. It is NOT safe and won't be for any of our lifetimes. If you are reading this, then it is not yet safe. There is a whole world of dangerous places to visit, and risky activities to boot. It is a miserable gruesome way to die, and if cancer, then probably lengthy and extremely painful. All for what? A cool picture? I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but Let's consider the situation.

So in Ukraine we have a Govt strapped for foreign currency who have an apparent tourist attraction that is 'safe'. We know it is 'safe' because the Ukranian Govt says so. They even test you regularly with some kind of geiger counter radiation checker that someone has purchased from somewhere and of course we are sure these things are accurate and tested regularly by some internationally approved organisation.

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The question I would ask is: If it is safe why do you need to test at all? And what happens if you fail the test? Then what are you going to do? Now let's consider the opposite and in 5 or 10 years time you get an incurable cancer. Who is going to foot the bill for this. No one from Ukraine, that is for sure.

Entering the Recovery Zone: Taking Back Control of Your Life

The interesting thing about toxic radiation of any sort is that you cannot smell it, touch it, taste it, see it or even hear it coming but if you get enough of it, it will shorten your life, disable you horribly and also kill you. And if you have it in your body or on your clothes it can do that to your loved ones too. But you do get to tell people you have been to Chernobyl so the risk has got to be worth it hasn't it.

The link to the photographer's website, Kidd of Speed, is broken. Could you take out the hyperlink or replace it with a website that works?

Entering the Recovery Zone: Taking Back Control of Your Life - David Dunning - Google книги

Thank you! Despite the chilling events which occurred at Chernobyl and Pripyat in , many travelers visit the area each year. Here are our tips on how to see this radioactive region safely. Get a travel insurance quote for Ukraine You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world.

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Where is Transnistria, and is it Safe to Travel? Robert said 4 years ago sierralogsdon, They are, if you do further research, you can see that there are mutant animals, and some mutant humans. Probably this is what is going to cause some kind of appocolypse Phil said 4 years ago Apocalypse? Stephanie T said 4 years ago Omg you guys instead of attaking yourself mind your own bussiness. David said 3 years ago Rigght nagasaki in japan still has radiation and that was over 60 years ago David said 3 years ago In certain areas of course Carter said 3 years ago Radioactive material has an insanely long half life, meaning that the only way that those materials would have, "died out," Damien, is if it was removed from the environment by the government, which they haven't done anything with the area since the accident.

How can they control you if you know everything or even anything that they hide and its not to hard find these things out either ; paul said 3 years ago Like what really happend here for example. The Soviet republic of Russia is hiding weapons of mass explosion inside a sealed safe that only John Mc Lain could open to reveal the truth I'm 11 and I have studied this since conception so I know the truth TomHokin you are right they would not like the shit from bulls and in fact they may even fire an big RPG if they are unhappy with u I'm 11 good bye honeybadger said 2 years ago I'd just like to say that I'd love to go here and the fact that the uranium that has been exposed has at least a 10, year half life, although radiation poisoning only occurs after a certain amount on radiation has been exposed, therefore no matter how much radiation, you could still be affected.

Cheater King said 2 years ago See I am considering chances of a secret Nicholas Bither said 2 years ago To all of you theorizing about government hiding something and keeping it shut down excessively, you are absolutely wrong. Erick said 2 years ago giood Steve said 2 years ago I took a day long tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat It was a very interesting experience. Marianne said 2 years ago Hello Steve DebBot said 15 months ago going tomorrow :- hoping to come back with superpowers.

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Ceara said 13 months ago Uranium has a 4. Ashley said 13 months ago I've heard that if you stand by the elephant foot you will die in seconds. Michael said 13 months ago If you do further reasearch you will see that the gov. Inside a military base there was a tower with a secure radio, nuclear launch codes and blueprints for a bomb and how to launch And it will be years before radiation returns to normal Melissa said 12 months ago There is a YouTube channel called exploring with Josh.

Bob said 5 months ago Yes, there are. Bob baker said 5 months ago The half life of the uranium in Chernobyl is about Tkni said 5 months ago Is it safe to go? Sexy James said 4 months ago 30 years still got nothing to take off radiation.. Litesp33d said 4 months ago I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but Sarah said 4 months ago The link to the photographer's website, Kidd of Speed, is broken. Add a Comment Name. Cookies We use cookies to help us improve website user experience. If you continue, we'll assume that you are happy for us to use cookies for this purpose. Find out more. I accept.

The saying, actions speak louder than words, is especially accurate related to recovery. It will be helpful to resist the urge to focus on fixing your relationships, and keep the focus on making progress in your recovery. As you continue to work on your recovery, over time your relationships are likely to improve.

The best way to resolve relationship issues is through slow, incremental change. Clearly, supportive relationships provide many benefits. The process of recovery from addiction is supported through relationships and social networks. Recovery support is provided through treatment, services, and community-based programs by behavioral health care providers, peer providers, family members, friends and social networks, the faith community, and people with experience in recovery.

Unfortunately, people with addiction are inclined to isolate, effectively cutting themselves off from the health-enhancing effects of social and emotional support. This support becomes even more important in early recovery, when people are struggling to get used to life without using alcohol and other drugs. At this time, developing relationships that provide mutual support and connection is essential.

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  8. Twelve-step programs and other mutual-aid resources help to serve this vital purpose. While some relationships are based on circumstances over which you have little or no control, you do have choices in establishing relationships that provide support and nurture you. Cultivating and maintaining supportive relationships takes time and energy. Twelve-step programs can offer support and guidance from others who have been through the same kinds of experiences—who have been there and done that —and have learned how to be successful in the face of the challenges of recovery from addiction.

    To paraphrase some twelve-step literature, through the process of recovery you can transition from a life characterized by taking and being taken to one based on giving and being given. It is important to take inventory of your current relationships so you can identify those that will help or hinder your progress toward health and healing in recovery. Moreover, consider whether relationships that are not supportive of your priorities deserve your time and energy. In any close relationship, people share important aspects of their life experience and who they are.

    Many people have a lot of uncertainty about disclosing their status as a person in recovery in new relationships. Such relationships include new friends, co-workers, and romantic partners.

    There are different opinions on when and how to disclose your recovery status. Others take the position that it is best to see how the relationship develops and use that information to determine when to disclose. There are certain industries where business is frequently conducted around activities where alcohol is served and drinking is customary. Ultimately, disclosing your recovery status to others is a very personal decision and the timing of it depends on a variety of factors.

    That being said, your most important priority needs to be protecting your recovery. This means taking care not put yourself in situations where your recovery is likely to be at risk. Although no one in recovery is immune to the possibility of relapse, those who are new er are especially vulnerable. Getting involved in or maintaining a close relationship with anyone who regularly uses alcohol or other drugs, particularly in your presence, places you at considerable risk.

    You may be concerned about how others will react or judge you when you share your recovery status. This is natural. Some people do not understand what recovery is.

    They may ask questions. Occasionally, such questions may be asked provocatively, questioning or even testing your commitment to recovery.