Elder Wonder Comes of Age

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Add in a warlord hero with phoenix warrior and cast it on the Maytr so that even if he dies protecting the Shadow Stalker he comes back again.

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The Elder grants the rogue Dragon Ancestery, it can heal the hero. Now picture the Rogue backstabbing an enemy with Assassins strike, dealing Blight, Physical, and fire damage. Saverage rage and Dragon Acestory on the same unit. And 28 damage after.

Nymph and Rogue hero, Nymph seduces one unit and then quick dash allows her to befriend animal on a second taking out two units in one turn. Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 of 8 total.


Elder Wonder Comes of Age

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May 24, at At the very least, the distillate of aged wisdom should balance the burden and the books, and old people should have worth as they once might have done, and the culture should break even on the deal. We should be smarter, deeper, wiser. Especially wiser.

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  7. There is no such training. How about this: old people are looking for them too. The retreat centres attest to it.

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    I am making the case for elderhood, not for easy agedness. Because something happened. Something happened to ancestors and elders and honour. I get lonely.

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    Nobody comes over. This winter, nobody came over, no Christmas card, nothing, nothing.

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    I walk to the mailbox, then I walk back, have the TV going. I leave that going 24 hours almost.

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    Just to keep my mind off of me. Share this story. Our Brands.