Edisto Revisited: A Novel

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Edisto Revisited

Edisto Revisited by Padgett Powell No recommendations yet recommend. A Place Called St.

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Edisto and Edisto Revisited

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Not yet ready to fully embrace adulthood, Simons finds himself surrendering to cynicism, as well as to the temptations of his "turned-out-well" first cousin, Patricia. To avoid sinking further into his rut, Simons embarks on a road trip through the South.

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After a disastrous stint as a Corpus Christi fisherman, he exits the Lone Star State, doubling back to the Louisiana bayou to spend some quality time with his former friend and mentor - and his mother's ex-lover - Taurus. But as even Taurus' once sought-after wisdom wears thin, Simons begins to suspect that the grass is not greener on the other side - it may be burnt, brown, and dead wherever he goes.

Padgett Powell's literary return to Edisto is as outrageous, witty, and bitingly sharp as its predecessor.

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  • Edisto Revisited: A Novel (Unabridged).

Listeners who adored their first meeting with Simons Manigault will relish a second helping of his ennui and bad behavior. Newcomers will likewise be heartily glad they made the trip.

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