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e pluribus haiku 2016: a thousand moments, one journey

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تفاصيل ال٠نتج

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview haiku from every state and the District of Columbia. Following the syllable format of popular haiku, the author's haiku reflect a view of the US from the point of view of a traveler who can see and appreciate the uniqueness of each place. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Thomas Leverett was born in Cleveland, but lived in Toledo, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo before graduating from high school. Having a general inclination toward geography and a restless spirit, he became curious about the parts of the country he hadn't seen, and set out to see it, hitchhiking and jumping trains, at the age of nineteen; eventually he saw 48 states and three other countries before returning to college and then to work, eventually getting married and starting a family.

An author, musician, and ESL teacher, he is also known for his Quaker plays and his writing on language as a self-organized system, but his major accomplishment is helping to raise ten children in the modern USA, which demands nerves of steel, infinite patience, and something to do while waiting.

After spending thirty years in the Mississippi Valley, Iowa and Illinois, he eventually moved to Lubbock, Texas, where he concentrates on getting the last of his children across town without incident for various activities, and writing about what he has seen and done; he has published five volumes of short stories besides the haiku series.

From Lubbock it's a long, barren stretch to the mountains of southern New Mexico, where he and his family like to go in the summer; whenever he is bored, traveling on long or short trips, or gritting his teeth in the elementary school auditorium or the post office, he passes the time writing haiku. Show More.

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Related Searches. Alphabet Soup. Emily wanted to learn the alphabet but it was hard and made her sad, Her In that boarding school I found the opportunity to read Shakespeare, definitely the right new beginning for a child. Abridged and simplified Shakespeare at first, yes, when I was only eleven years old. I still keep the leaf I picked up during our walk in the woods across from the hotel in Atlanta, where the conference was held, after we decided the opening cocktail party was too much for us strangers.

She had become a transnational long before me, probably after climbing up K2. I developed ataraxia in this high school. If my mom had to leave me at a boarding school, it must be because she had no other alternative. Besides, I was successful in the exams—among two hundred fifty kids I was chosen, one of the elect I was. How would I have known that I had already chosen my path of ececism when I suddenly realized that the pine tree I was hiding behind in that garden had bark falling off the bulky trunk?

Meanwhile, the other students at the boarding school were embracing their parents, and mine never turned up again to see me for eight long years. Ah yes, the pine tree had bark that was easy to tear off. So I gave the peelings shape, made animals that needed affection.

Later some called this child a suave person, and some, like one of my students at UNLV, a reticent but top-notch professor. Seeing is not knowing, but it can help you know only when you are familiar with concepts like virtue or wisdom. Only then can you begin trying to understand others, which is the beginning of going back to your childhood of no discrimination and othering. The USA is very clever indeed!

I had been subjected to an English-oriented, English-speaking world already. We did not have a TV set but our neighbor, the butcher, had one. All the neighbors on the block would gather in his living room, and his wife would serve cookies and tea, and we would watch TV as a communal activity. I do not know why. What a year was!


For the first time ever in Eurovision song contest history, four countries won cuatro ganadoras! Since then, everything in the world, especially in Turkey, according to my childish, my adolescent, and young-man minds, happened because of the USA or thanks to the USA.

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

It was always some foreign force or power that made things happen. There were others imitating Yusuf, the individual. What an irony! That road taken toward the possibility of making dreams come true must have opened new gateways, must have shed limelight on my less-trodden ways, I now know for sure. Now I know. Strong women like Mom and their fire kept me intact.

From the vast city, where I long had pined A discontented sojourner: now free, Free as a bird to settle where I will. Wordsworth I fell in love with women who were caring, encouraging, sharing, nature-loving environmental humanists , good cooks, definitely not ignorant can be illiterate, but never ignorant, no!

And I have always been lucky in finding lovers, friends, colleagues, relatives, women from all walks of life, who have always been with me, around me, feeding me endlessly with all the emotions and ideas I needed as resources for my creative ecesis. Either I could not afford the venture, or they could not take the risk, all women, Turkish or international. Love lost, love gained.

Separation was a must as she was married with two kids, so she could not come to Edinburgh with me. But the younger sister kept her promise, she came all the way to London, and with all her family, so that I believe it was not the married elder sister in love with me but the younger one. I went down to London to meet the younger one, of course as their family friend.

Oh, I forgot to say, I was now in an established songwriter and two of my songs were at the Eurovision song contest for the Turkey finale in and I can still sing well, I made a record with thirteen songs composed from my poetry and poetry by distinguished contemporary Turkish poets. I named the album Shameless Rose , to stand for a rose smelling shamelessly in the garden, standing for the joie de vivre. She believed I was just in contact with her to be close to the elder sister. But they did not know that I believed I could fall in love with anyone when one love is over.

This is just one of the three cases of two sisters loving me deeply. Three pairs of sisters whom I thought were my close friends, every time one of the two fell in love it was at the expense of losing the love of the whole family. All preferred their family ties, none gave up what they had for love, hence my solitude now with two cats and many books. Aou and I were like peas and carrots, like Jenny and Forrest Gump. I did not look back when school was over in Edinburgh and we got our degrees, because if I had looked back I might not have found the courage to go back to Turkey in In , I saw on TV a mother in a village in southeastern Turkey, a mother crying by the stove in a tea house as her own house had been swept downhill by an avalanche.

I was too far away from her tragedy. Suddenly I remembered another woman, a bag lady I saw in New York. This poem, published by Naomi Shihab Nye in her anthology This Same Sky , made the audience shed tears during a poetry slam in Chicago in , when I was on that seven-state fellowship tour. That is when I learned that cacti were alive.

I feel related to anyone when I am traveling, I tell you. This time to the cacti. Later I would see cacti with ID cards, and they were more precious then in than us human beings in my own country in I had already learned that cacti were alive, some of them even had ID cards on them in the Nevada desert, and there were wild donkeys too in the beautiful sunset of Red Rocks, and drivers were warned not to stop their cars to touch these wild donkeys as they might lose their hands or arms. These donkeys were like romantic rebels, they were not like the donkeys associated with stupidity and obedience in Turkey.

Gudrun was huge, a mixture of a wolf and a dog.

She was white, too.