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This is because I spend time bettering myself by learning and improving me. This along with much time spent in reflection has allowed me to become an enlightened person.

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Girls really love a few of my guy friends who are considered extremely dull by all guys who know them. I understand reality and this makes really good sense to me. I work out and diet and take care of my body. I take care of my mind and spend time thinking about the world and learning about me. They just desire women and so the foolish ones think money is the only way to get them. On the other hand, I have a lot of confidence which means I can bed girls very quickly. So I just keep several girlfriends at once, keep dazzling new ones with my intellect, wit, charm, and confidence — ironically, all of which are results of my independence.

They were absolutely incredible! And I was so happy with them and the way they got all those crazy chemicals shooting around my brain. Everyday is full of possibility: new women all the time.

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And women are much more into you the first year you know them anyway. This man loves the article! Smiles everyone! A Man will never be anything more to a women, than a temporary means to something, which is a fact that all Men must come to face the truth of at some point in our existence here on the earth, or go on to kid himself. I was married 13 years to a man I married young had children, had good credit, had my own accounts, never once did I ever have to worry about my finances until I married him.

I did not make sure he was financially stable before marriage and we jumped into marriage to quickly. My savings has gone down to nothing, My credit ruined because of all of his debt, I had to file bankruptcy because of his creditors coming after me, then once I got that taken care of and paid off, I get slapped with a divorce… UGH!!!!

My first year of my divorce I meet many guys some not being financially stable, living from pay check to pay check which were really nice guys but after my experience in my first marriage I already knew there was no way in hell I was going to go through that again, after meeting different men I finally meet a man who has his shit together, a large savings account, very good credit, works hard and has his own home.

And usually, a man who is attracted to a woman like that is not stupid by far because he intentionally seek these type of women and usually have married quite a few. My personal opinion is that if you love, respect, and want to build something with your husband then you have to compare the strengths to the weaknesses and construct a plan that will allow your marriage to grow in love and in monetary wealth. On one hand I find it smart money-wise and security wise and on the other, I find it ridiculous.

The very money-motivated men are greedy, selfish, and gluttonous. I completely agree with the author of this piece. Wouldnt there be less divorce problems with money not being an issue if you were not so worried about what man makes? If that makes someone a gold-digger then sign me up! First impression: did you write this article just to get a lot of hits?

Obviously men will hate this and women, especially single and divorced women, will love this. Third, we live in a different age. I believe men and women are complete equals. Women are graduating from college at a higher rate compared to men. So when it comes to seeking out a partner in life, men looks for looks and compatibility, women look for money, comparability and looks?

Date Like A Woman by Kai Nicole

Since women can make just as much money nowadays why belittle yourself into depending on a man for financial security? All women? Not just graduate students but hair dressers bank tellers etc.

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And basically make it the average case for why to be a gold digger. She is saying to marry someone who is financially stable!

Smart Women Marry for Money, and Here's Why

Marry someone with a job, with a good attitude to money. When you get married and their debt collector is taking your stuff… well, lets see how well love and attraction pays the bills then! My God, Americans are so naive when it comes to love. At least here in Germany this is something we consider before marrying. Why marry someone who is useless with money. Marry the person with the car and the good job. You, Tim, seem to be rather upset by this. Are you not financially stable or has a girl left you for someone better? The first primary role in the family of the man is to show loving leadership over wife and children.

Oversight of all matters in the home, both physical and spiritual. Spiritual leadership in family home Bible studies and prayers. The wife is the manager of the home, but the husband is the manager of the wife. I get what the author is saying, and it makes some sense. I agree that being on the same page about finances is important; however, there is more to compatibility than just financial suaveness.

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Besides, in the long-term, the things wealth buys can never replace the contentment of wanting to grow old with someone simply because you truly love and care about them. These women are also known as slags. I own my own company, and am quite artful at avoiding them. They also get divorced more than other women. Amen brother.

source link I knew a girl who was in my class in 9th grade and laughter when I asked her out. Haha, I almost died laughing. I then learned out that i had dated her 27 year old daughter two months ago.

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I know it sounds gross but i kinda look at it as ironic huh. In the end some of the math geeks do turn out successful started several companies as well as invested in several Internet companies and let me tell you they payed off big time. Women see man as financial security.. Opportunities abound! So even though she may have made her final decision based on things other than money, it still played a major role in her screening process because she never allowed poor people to join the pool of applicants. Also, if you screen people based on probably future earning potential, they may not be making money now but there is a high likelihood they will in the future.

People have to many ways to rationalize and deny the role money plays in their choices. However they never even gave women below a certain looks threshold a shot when considering women for marriage material. Seems like women are just greedy selfish people who wont give someone a chance over how much money there worth.

Materialistic minded and not really intrested in the real point its about love not money. There has to be a physical attraction, ther has to be good communication, be able to get along and care for each other. This country us full of opportunities for and ladies We can be independent!!

They most likely will not expose their feelings, but if they are honest, the above is reality. People, honesty and being yourselves is always BEST. I was pondering on leaving my fiance because he is a procrastinator. He spends all his money on bills, while I take care of the groceries. We are women. We want to be wined and dined. Not doing all the wining and dining. And, he always asks me for money. I even politely suggested that he gets enlisted for the Coast Guard to be a Food Specialist. I have my decree and the means to get a better job.

He has no education past his high school diploma, and no drive to do anything better. What is that supposed to tell me about our future together? Well, 1. I think you and I should be very thankful for what we have. Get real. When you say your vows, it should be with the utmost respect and sincerity. You might think you have him fooled, but in 10 yrs, will you also be devalued?

Will you lose the respect of his family or yours? I have been married for 32 yrs. It is the hard times that we look back on as an important asset for how we view each other. Maybe Ginger could clarify what manner of respect women are now striving to attain. MARIE: get over yourself……if you were as successful and sexually satisfied as you say….

Tony will be your best friend. I can tell you what happened to me that is why I am at this site. I married a bum essentially, who lied to me about his job and his life.