20 A Kiss for the King (The Eternal Collection)

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20 A Kiss for the King - The Eternal Collection

Every new experience expanded Coraline's boundaries, challenged her capabilities and nurtured her understanding. A sophisticated sensitivity to her surroundings enabled Clara to intuitively understand the communication transmitted by plants and animals and insects and birds. She could foretell weather, read people's thoughts, and demonstrate other even more remarkable abilities, as shall soon become apparent Clara was a patient guide during every stage of Coraline's development; never critical of error, and always encouraging Coraline to strive for greater achievement.

She taught Coraline how to summon various small objects of her desire; simply by closing her eyes and concentrating intently until a comb, a penny or a few seeds would actually appear within her hand. Coraline was delighted, yet perhaps a bit skeptical; since it was not impossible for Clara to have performed some sleight of hand. The structure of these formal academic lessons often consisted of sequestering themselves upon divans within the small library at the east end of the house, and there, comfortably discuss a broad range of topics; mathematics, biology, chemistry, philosophy, and so on Since Clara was clearly aware that Coraline's ambition was to become an architect one day, she had also developed several visual and spatial intelligence exercises to help Coraline improve her ability to interpret images, understand charts and graphs, solve three-dimensional puzzles, and evaluate many other abstract concepts which were a necessary part of the thought processes involved in designing functional objects.

Eternal Collection

During their intensive sessions together, Clara would teach Coraline how to communicate more effectively, improve her reading ability, understand the syntax of international languages, calculate complex mathematical equations in her mind, and learn how to recognize and remember the tonal patterns within the structure of music by practicing the piano and various types of drums.

She introduced Coraline to meditation, gymnastics, yoga, dancing, and the kinesthetic of body language. She taught her to reason, to empathize, and understand her own moods. She created an awareness within Coraline of the many facets of spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical thought which have been recorded since the dawn of human history. And it is only through the perpetuation of goodness and love that we may ultimately attain liberty without the authority of a god.

The three would often work together on summer mornings; watering plants, pulling weeds, and discussing the patterns of nature revealed within the garden. As reward for their patience and dedication, they would harvest some of its abundant bounty; filling a wicker basket with carefully selected aubergine, carrots, zucchini and peppers, and some of the runner beans which climbed a wooden lattice. The sun; a catalyst Yet, sometime the darkness frightened her. Sometime it seemed immensely powerful; overwhelming her like a silent black ocean seeping in through the cracks to. On those particular nights, she was grateful that Clara would be there to provide comfort with the warm scent of her firm breasts, upon which Coraline would nestle her tiny head until the shivering had eventually subsided.

Every evening, especially when she was serene, Coraline enjoyed the intimacy they shared when it was time for bed. Then, when Coraline had taken a few bird-like sips of warm milk and was tucked snugly under the covers, Clara would often lay nearby to tell her a story, or quietly sing a song, recalled from her own childhood. Inherited knowledge preserved ancestral history and provided a method of understanding culture; the customs, the patterns of thought and the outlook on life guiding the behavior of every member within the society.

In one story, Anansi persuaded all of the other creatures to give up their wisdom; intending to cache it for himself at the top of a tall tree so that he would be the wisest in the land. The problem was that with the large gourd strapped to his underside Anansi was prevented from climbing the tree at all. His son, Ntikuma, noticed the predicament, and suggested that his father tie the gourd onto his back instead.

Heeding this advice, Anansi easily scrambled up into the highest branches. Thus, Anansi emptied the contents of the gourd to the wind, so that wisdom could return to the world Clara's soothing voice, and the comfort of the soft bed at the end of another eventful day, would gradually lull Coraline to sleep Night and day. She immediately collapsed onto the thick down comforter covering the bed within her luxurious suite in the clouds. The medication would soon help her to sleep Coraline studied the way her reflection superimposed the image in the photograph When everything was to her satisfaction, Carol had triggered the shutter to capture a sequence of portraits of Coraline and Clara costumed in elegant white gowns, posing together theatrically, comically, before a dissolving limestone statue of Zeus in a clearing amongst dense foliage in the yard.

With the final exposure, her mother had vanished into the dim red light of her basement darkroom, not to return for several hours, until she had dodged and burned a series of beautiful, artistic black and white prints.

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Her mother's photographs would preserve only rare moments of the many wonderful years she and Clara had spent together.