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Express your appreciation and strong interest in the job, but request at least 24 hours to consider it, even when saying "Yes. If you are uncertain if you want the job, state that you would like to discuss some items before you can accept the job. Suggest meeting again to talk about the offer.

How to Decline a Job Offer (With Email Examples) |

It also might be helpful to ask yourself:. Don't be afraid to ask employers for additional benefits or flexibility that you might require, but avoid submitting a list of demands.

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Many employers may want to meet your needs, but may not be able to do so. Once you have considered the offer, make a decision and respond to the person making the offer. Nobody has anything good to say.

Accepting a Job Offer

At lunch, you had the opportunity to meet some potential colleagues who report to your prospective boss. When you asked them to describe her management style, they hesitated and struggled to convey any positives.

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The employer was unable to communicate a clear sense of what your job would entail. You are a parent and need to balance between work and family.

Job Offers

It became apparent during the interview process that a key to a successful career in the organization would be working late many evenings. You would have to get up and talk. The employer is looking for someone who excels at public speaking or requires some other skill that is not strength for you, and you are not interested in developing that skill area. Turnover in your prospective job is much higher than normal for the industry. You are interested in career advancement, and a career ladder rising from your prospective job is not well defined. Neither formal or informal mechanisms for training appear to be in place, and the job would involve a steep learning curve for you.

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  • Your personal values are at odds with the mission or practices of the organization. For example, you are a dedicated environmentalist and the organization has a reputation as a major polluter.

    How to Negotiate Salary After Job Offer

    The company is losing market share in their industry, and success in your role would require a well-respected brand. The salary offered is a step up for you but significantly below market for the job, and the prospect of gaining salary increases is not clear. The base salary is too low. Even though this may not be the right job for you, the company may have other positions that are a better fit.